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Union County Canning Plant



148 Old Smokey Road, Blairsville, GA 30512

(706) 439-6043

Hours of Operation:

Pre-season canning: 

Thursday, April 21, 2017    6 am -noon

Regular hours:

Tuesdays & Thursdays beginning July 6, 2017

6am-12pm  (all product MUST be in jars by noon)

25 cents per pint/35 cents per quart

Contact Details:


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Helpful Links & Resources:

Ball - Fresh Preserving
Food Preservation Safety - UGA





So Easy To Preserve Canning Book available for purchase at UGA Extension Office, 148 Wellborn St, Blairsville or by mail using this form:



Welcome to the Union County Canning Plant!  The Canning Plant will open for the season in July.  We open at 6:00am and all product needs to be in jars by noon for processing.  Here is some information to help you get started at the Union County Canning Plant:

What to bring: Jars, lids, bands, product to be canned, your recipe and all ingredients.  You are welcome to bring your own bowls, knives, measuring cups, spoons, funnels etc. but we do have these item at the cannery for your use.


1. Upon arrival register at the table inside the front door and obtain your number.

2. Come inside and sign up for a cooking pot (if needed) and find an empty workspace.

3. Prepare your product for cooking (wash, peel, trim, etc.).

4. Cook your product. 

5. Write your registration number on lids (with Sharpie) and immerse your lids in hot water.

6. Put your hot product in jars.

7. Put lids/bands on your jars and tell a staff member they are ready to be processed.

8. Return after designated time to pick up and pay for your product. 

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